Teaching for tomorrow

Today, sitting at my new job as media teacher we came to discuss the curriculum outcomes of a certain course. Should we teach analogue video technology? Isn’t all digital now? And what would be included in analogue technologies?

Then it came to me. last year when my daughter was graduating I attempted to put together a short medley of her life. Digging through materials that I’ve collected over the past two decades… moments that cannot be retaken. VHS, VHSC, DV-cassettes, DVD’s and more. I remember trying to hook up all the equipment with the various cables I had. VHS and VHSC needed to be digitised… I had no card but when I had bought my video recorder i was sure to have one that could convert an analogue signal to digital, only I didn’t have the firewire compatible to the new computer. I booted an older computer and the test went fine… only I did forget about the 4GB limit for file size which meant having to recapture some of the material.

Being able to think outside of the standard, and to break down an impossible project into doable steps is something that need to be taught… now I need to think about how 🙂

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