The more you know the more you may want to know.

The holidays go too quickly. Living in two places adds to the confusion, and I end up constantly carrying my books till my back aches, even in this digital age. Why books? Well I just love the way one can browse to get an overview… or perhaps it is my tactile memory.

Now books come in many flavours. And my family do know that they make good presents. My wife bought me an enormous book on infographics, and my daughter a volume on poster art, and still as I work my way through the books I’ve acquired in different ways I still find my wish list is growing.

The holidays have been spent also brushing up on special effects for video, and video training is great, but I still like the book for when I plan my own teaching. I find that when the screen has so many functions it spins my head till I loose direction. Lets be digital with moderation.

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