Almost a year as a teacher

It’s approaching grades. According to Swedish those finishing secondary education had their hat/cap wearing ceremony, and I am reminded of my last days of school.

They say 50% of students will have jobs that are not invented while they are in school. I’m not sure my job as media teacher was invented, not when I look at how it has been defined. I have learned much. About myself, and about teaching. There are many things I thought obvious which in teaching I’ve found assumed certain knowledge… and I need to develop my critical path thinking to be a better teacher.

I also spend a fair amount of time networking and discussion online. Forums, LinkedIn, Facebook groups and some developer mail lists. In those different discussions I realise how quickly things move from theory to standard. From news to routine.

One great thing about teaching the courses I have is that it has given me the drive to get back in touch with video and multimedia. I think those skills will come in handy as publishing becomes more diverse and starts to include interactive elements in ePub and cross media.

… I wonder what these students who wore their caps will be working with in five to ten years…

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