Preparing courses in Illustrator and Indesign

When there is much to write about I find it hard to take the time, and when I have the time it’s because there’s not that much going on. I’ve been in San Jose at the Adobe offices, for the yearly Adobe Education Leader Summer Institute meeting together with Educators from around the globe.

Now I’m back in Sweden and am deep in planning the coming years teaching at my new job. I will be full time teacher at Broby Grafiska in Sunne, where I am looking forward to be involved in equipping the coming generation designers and prepress technicians in their software skills.

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  1. Teresa Martin says:

    I am going to be unable to participate in the Webinar on May 6 where you will be showing how to create forms in InDesign. I was wondering if you would be willing to share some information with me or if you would be doing this at another time. I teach InDesign and I would love to use this in my classes as well as to help not use so much paper in my other nondesign classes.

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