About certification

Some time back I was feeling the pressure of not having formal education. I had grown gone to brittish school in Cyprus, doing O and A level exams.

Getting into the Swedish educational system seemd unattainable… I just didn’t know where to start. I did have solid Adobe skillls, and felt that going for ACE certification would at least be some way for me to document my skills. I did pass them, first Illustrator, then Photoshop and Indesign and last Acrobat.

Then I got the training to be an instructor, and started the route that made me quit production and dive into education. I didn’t know this road would lead me to becoming an Adobe Education Leader, though I’m glad it did. I got to visit the head office in San Jose, and network with some of the best educators in this field.

Now I’m travelling to Eindhoven for an exchange with SintLucas. Really looking forward to what’s round the corner 🙂

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