Preparing to teach is a learning process

I have been reading about Learning by Design. This is something affecting how I perceive my own teaching and learning processes. Back from holding a seminar on colour management, I realise that I could have explained things better, and here I really like to thank Jan-Peter Homann who gave me permission to use some of his diagrams from the book Digital Color Management in my presentation.

So back from the seminar I should be focusing on other things, but find myself wanting to improve how to present these complicated things, and here I stumble accross another great link, at Jan Peter’s website. A link to a site with standard profiles with alternative GCR settings. I have been looking for that kind of site, so here is the link to where the profiles are available.

IDUG 19 may 2011, Lukas Engqvist "We can't manage what we don't understand"

"We can't manage what we don't understand"

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