We all have our favourite sites we like to hang out at. Here are some of mine.


(A community where I like to discuss colour management and other technical issues)
(Everyone should have an account ;p)

(There is an arty side to me and I find both this site, and the magazine with the same name keeps me from getting too technical)

ICC profiles with alternative GCR settings

RealWorld Illustrator Blog
Mordy Golding shares his insights in how Illustrator works.

Phinney on Fonts
Thomas Phinney has a great blog about type and how we can create those christmas cards that wish you well in all possible languages, not the translation but the typography part.


CAP & Design are not many swedish sites that I keep up to date with, but I try to be there to help those who are stuck or seeking advice)

I’ll try add to this as I have time. 🙂

2 Responses to Links

  1. On Planet Print, you posted this question:
    Please I’d love to know what institutions have any formal education in prepress that can preform credible validation of informally acquired skills. Also am very interested if anyone knows if there is a list of current projects that one can be involved in.

    My response to that:
    I had a boss at Standard Register, Keith Nickoloff, who was an instructor at RIT and spoke very highly of their programs and another boss who was a graduate of RIT and is now at Sr VP at Minolta. I just checked out their website, so you may want to browse it:

    • artadmin says:

      Yes I’m still looking into this, but know that it is something that will take time. In my pursuit of teaching qualification, I will now be doing a study on the terms product and process within the graphics industry to be able to clarify the learning objectives of the swedish national curriculum for Graphic Production which is organised under the National Technical Industrial Programme, (16-18 year olds). I still feel very strongly that we as an industry need to formalise our know-how so that we do not forfeit our heritage of craft, art and knowledge. As long as the knowledge is still embodied in professionals there is time. But we need to be thinking how to adapt that knowledge to a changing society, so that our children will not need to re-invent the wheel due to our carelessness. Please let me know if you have more Ideas. This is not a lone-ranger task but one of open collaboration 😀

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