Nice to be able to share some sneak peak peeks of CS6. Ever since I heard about the feature I was bursting, but here is the official video and if Brenda says it… that’s the way it is, at least in Illustrator.

Hope you all have enjoyed the pattern sneak preview, also staring Brenda.

It’s going to be an exciting year, and even if all our dreams don’t come true all at once, this is really exciting.

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Photoshop CS6 Public Beta

Adobe has released the public beta of Photoshop 6… and even better released an introduction to all the new features so you know where to start playing with it 🙂


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Happy Birthday Adobe Illustrator

I can’t believe it’s been 25 years. Ok I admit that my first year of working with Illustrator 88 wasn’t void of frustrations… no one had taught me and there was no internet to browse for tutorials. The Macintosh IIci was still a bit of a toy next to the dedicated graphics station running Dalim, and the RIP connected to the slide recorder was still struggling in version one. But over the years I’ve grown to love the program. The combination of perfect control with the invoked random happy chance accidents that can bring life to computer graphics.

So Happy Birthday Illustrator, and thank you Adobe.

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February passes too fast…

It always gets me when I plan something in march thinking I’ve got plenty of time, and then all of a sudden february is over and…  this time it’s a pecha-kucha talk I have been planning for some time, was going to hold it in november, and now after several postponements it’s here. Thursday 1st march. 20 slides and 20 seconds per slide… thinking can I be that focussed? I normally demo live, or use the whiteboard :S

I’m actually looking forward too it, my plan is a colourful Aleph-beta, and yes I’ll not reach Z let alone any of the scandinavian characters even if i and j share a slide. I’m hoping to just inspire to look at letters in a new light… we use them every day and hardly give them a fleeting glance. I hope to pay the craftsmen respect one glyph at a time …but choosing 20 representations was a challenge.

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It’s a Global world we live in.

Is that a good title? I don’t know what is. I found myself once again searching for the source of those useful files that explained so much… and this time I’ll just post the link on my blog so I don’t loose it again.

Every now and then someone is stuck having to write a word or two in arabic or some other language that doesn’t use the same letterforms as I am writing now. Oh …it’s not just the letters it’s the right-to-left too, and what’s more the glyphs may be contextual too. Thomas Phinney wrote a great article revealing how to get to hidden gems that can be found in Adobe software, and the limitations and work arounds. I actually had a version of WinSoft’s programs, I bought in London, must have been 20 years ago WinScript I think it was called, was a multilingual word processor, bought it when as I moved to Central Asia… thought it would come in handy.

Anyway Phinney on Fonts is a place to bookmark… it’s the best place to dig in and understand how the type technology works… here have a look.

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Developing workflows… why developers are so important.

It’s saturday. I shouldn’t be working, but some days working can be so much fun. Just to feel that you are achieving something. Actually I’m having someone do the work for me… part of the work. Martinho works from portugal, and sent me a plugg-in from portugal… it did what I had asked, only perhaps I didn’t realise I hadn’t asked what I wanted until I saw it. We talked some skype and we’re back on  track after I’ve rephrased my question.

Multi-Find Change screenshot

It's a pleasure using Multi-Find Change to see i corrected 10000's small things with just a click of a mouse.

Isn’t it amazing the way we can work today. Truly agile. It was through using the plug-in Multi-Find/Change that I felt that this was the person that could help me build the feature I needed in InDesign. So useful to be able to clean up a whole document with just a few clicks. Even if InDesign is so rich on features some times it’s just too slow to wait for a big company to find the feature important enough to give top priority… and that’s why I’m glad that there are developers that we can contact.

Still the big issue is knowing what we want, seeing what is reasonable. To look at a catalogue and “see” how the structure should look in InDesign.

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Press Pause to paly

I’m spending much time thinking about how the industry is changing. A product is not always what is tactile. Who is a creative professional? What is the criteria, being creative or professional and what do either of those two terms mean? Yes it’s more questions than answers these days. But that is because we live in an exciting time, at the pivot of change.

Can anyone (everyone?) be a publisher? Is the industry dead? Are we moving to a dark time for culture as Art becomes a grey mediocracy?

PressPausePlay from House of Radon on Vimeo.

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Learning takes time

The real work when studying is learning, and it’s hard work. Why do I say this, well some have noticed my activity on the blog is not excessive, but the explanation is that I am spending much of my energy on teacher training. I had a great preservice placement at Brobygrafiska in Sunne. Now I will be working on a paper to try and map the terms product, product development, and process in the swedish national curriculum for graphic production (gymnasium, 16-18 year olds).

Also looking forward to teaching basic Photoshop and InDesign at ORU for students studying planned communication.

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Loving text and type

In the cool of the evening sitting outside as a cool breeze brings the scent of flowers. Enjoying a reading a book, and this time it’s not a Terry Pratchett, but Nigel French, and the his second edition of InDesign Type.

The book takes a very different approach and there are few books that so eloquently wed a heritage of typographic tradition with up to date technical expertise that is both practical and accessible. As a teacher/trainer I find it great inspiration. There is one problem though, when I finally find an expression I want to remember I feel reluctant to but a highlighter to spoil the book.

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Adobe Education Exchange Live

It was great to be able to attend the Adobe Education Exchange conference via the net. I find it exciting to think of the possibilities of a global community. Going global isn’t without it’s challenges, and it was also encouraging to see that educators have similar challenges around the globe.

The struggle for teachers to be up to date and to give teachers adequate and up-to-date skills seems to be everywhere. How to motivate students seems to be the same challenge, and seeing what they can achieve when empowered with technology is equally rewarding.

One thing I need to figure out is how to get involved with Adobe Youth Voices.

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